Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Kind of Blindness

A dream. A very occasionally recurring dream. At least, a recurring theme. A theme dream.

I met someone in this dream, someone I once knew. We seemed to get on okay, but I couldn't quite tell exactly. I wasn't entirely sure where I stood. But things seemed okay, things seemed good. I didn't want to rock the boat, though. I was glad that we were still friends.

Then there were some more people, and I felt a bit uncertain. More people, and I knew she was here somewhere, but I couldn't see her when I looked. Even more people, and I knew she wasn't far away, but I was starting to feel that slow, slight, creeping, inner panickiness. Before long, a crowd, and I hoped she wasn't too far away, but I feared I'd already lost her.

The dream ended, with me outside the following day, the party having ended, and she was someone I'd once known.


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