Sunday, November 28, 2004

Beatles and Shit

There was a thing on the telly, yesterday, about how wonderfully influential (to understate it somewhat) the Beatles were. I only saw the last part of it, and I can't remember what it was called, or what channel it was on, and I'm too lazy to bother looking it up. But it was good. And it was true (or, at least, I'm a believer (or was that the Monkeys?)).

I've also got the grimble-grumps about computers.

So, now, reminded of how good the Beatles were, I'm listening to Revolver. Except for Yellow Submarine, 'cause that's a crap track.

My other Beatles CD is 1 (the one with all their twenty-seven number one hits on it) (for I am a Beatles CD deprived person). But, due to how they've crammed them all onto one disc, it doesn't play properly. Particularly the later tracks. That really disappoints me, 'cause it's the later ones that I like the most.

(By the way, what does 'grimble' mean? I looked it up, sort of, on, but without success, and on Google, but was too lazy to actually follow the links. I think of it as meaning little, often petty, grumbles.)

When it comes to the Beatles, I much prefer the later stuff. The early stuff is good, given its contemporary context, but it's the later stuff that's truly amazing. I really should buy more of it. Two CDs is simply not good enough, especially as one is a compilation of hit singles anyway.

Oh, and my printer is now working. Or, perhaps I should say, my computer is now working with my printer (as the printer itself was always fine). But I really don't like RedHat Linux 9.

Just the other day, I was remembering that song, Maxwell's Silver Hammer. It's such a fun, happy song about a mass-murderer committing his murders.

But now I've lost my flow with this post. Too much interruption.


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