Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Compact Disc Digital Laundry

He's so slow!

My brother. He's just been hanging his laundry in order for it to dry. But he always takes a really long time about it.

He takes an item of clothing - an item, one, single item - and takes it from the washing machine to wherever he's going to hang it. And then he puts it on, say, the clothes horse. And, as he does so, he makes sure that he puts it on properly, with several little shakes if it's, say, a shirt, just to make sure that it hangs right. And then he 'walks' (shuffles) back to the washing machine for the next item.

Consequently, it takes quite a bit of time.

I find it irritating, but I can't really mention anything, for various reasons. Partly, because I smoke.

'You really do have an irritating way of doing your laundry,' I could say.

'You smoke,' he could say. I don't think he would, but he could. 'You could give up smoking. That's a far more serious issue than how I hang my laundry.'

I am also irritated because I've just wasted five CD-Rs for no good reason. Just some technical problems (now, hopefully, solved). It's particularly annoying, though, in it's own, small way, because it now seems the burning went okay after all, but that my computer was having trouble mounting them afterwards (which was why I'd thought the burning had failed). So, I've burned and thrown away five CDs quite needlessly. It's a good job I bought a pack of fifty just the other day.

My brother will probably want to practice the piano soon. Perhaps I'll set another CD burning while I go and have a smoke.


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